Why We Stand Out – Tax Preparation

We Make Taxes Less Taxing

We provide tax preparation, small business consulting, bookkeeping, payroll consults, life and long-term care insurance and other related services. As a client, you get personalized, quality service. We strive to “Make Taxes Less Taxing” by offering weekend and evening appointments, as well as consultation by mail, email and secure file transfer or phone.

Paperless Processing

We offer 100% paperless processing to save you time and money. No need to set an appointment, take time off from work, drive in traffic, get a baby sitter or make copies to mail or drop off. Simply upload your documents to our client portal which you can access through our web site. When your return is completed, we’ll provide you with a digital copy of your returns and you can pay for our services on line. We find that many clients wind up needing digital copies of their returns to secure a mortgage or to refinance an existing one. Having a digital copy can help speed up the process and reduce your paperwork. Nothing could be easier.

We Support You Year-Round

Unlike storefront tax offices that close once tax season is over, our dedicated staff is available all year to answer questions, prepare or amend returns, assist with estimated payments or simply to review previous years returns.

Our Philosophy

We believe that clients are able to make the best decisions when they have received professional advice. Please browse our site and see if there is any way in which we can help you.

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You can find us in The Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications at www.irs.gov.